Linde Gases launch new wastewater recycling technology

The process, known as AXENIS™, employs a high rate biological treatment stage, using oxygen and air for optimum process control to enable cost effective recycling of wastewater to extremely high quality standards - even up to the standards required for drinking water.

Linde Gases claim that when compared to conventional wastewater treatment solutions, the AXENIS™ process offers substantial cost savings across the industrial water lifecycle, including reduced capital investment requirements - important for those considering retro-fitting existing water treatment solutions. Decreased energy costs are also claimed by Linde as the new system requires considerably less power than air-based systems.

Because the treatment of wastewater can be undertaken on-site, companies can mitigate the need to discharge wastewater and the associated costs of paying an external water treatment company to dispose of it in compliance with statutory requirements . The higher bioreactor temperature also increases membrane flux rates, which has the added benefit of reducing membrane surface area, making the unit extremely compact and saving on plant footprint.

“Linde has always had a strong heritage and pioneering role in developing environmentally sustainable technologies. Our new AXENIS™ waste water treatment solution represents a real alternative for producers of high strength industrial waste water by delivering a highly convenient and cost-effective re-usable utility - and one that will have a vastly reduced impact on the environment” said Darren Gurney, Process Engineer, Water and Aquaculture, Linde.

The Linde Gases Division is part of the Linde Group, is a leader in the international industrial and healthcare gases markets, providing compressed, bulk, specialty and medical gases, as well as chemicals to virtually all fields of industry globally.