Latest RO technology from Dow delivers high rejection of sodium chloride

The Dow Filmtec HRLE-440i element delivers effective rejection of silica, boron, nitrate and ammonium with performance supported by Dow Water & Process Solutions’ modeling software. The element meets ANSI/NSF 61 certification requirements for drinking water system components. Dow has applied an advanced manufacturing process which uses automated fabrication to yield consistent product quality and performance, as well as using patented iLEC interconnectors for more reliable installation and minimized o-ring leakage. The Dow Filmtec HRLE-440i is available as a dry element for improved shelf life and convenience of installation.

Chris Sacksteder, strategic market manager for industrial water, Dow Water & Process Solutions, said: “This advance in membrane chemistry allows new RO equipment to be designed around lower pressure membranes, meeting permeate quality with up to 30% less energy than conventional brackish water membranes. In addition to energy efficiency, with 440 ft² of active area, the Dow Filmtec HRLE-440i membrane allows fewer elements to be used in a system design. This shrinks the overall system footprint, related energy use and operational costs.”