KBR appointed to Eastern Tertiary Alliance for AUD$380 million project

The plant, which will use an advanced treatment process, currently treats about 40% of Melbourne's sewage and is Australia's largest activated sludge plant. The tertiary treatment process will use ozone and biological media filtration, to reduce colour, odour and suspended solids, followed by secondary ozonation, while ultraviolet radiation and chlorine will be used for disinfection. The project will include a major upgrade to Melbourne Water's Eastern Treatment Plant, and aims to treat an average of 380 megalitres per day, peaking at around 700 megalitres.

KBR will provide detailed engineering design and documentation, environmental services, and technical advice during construction, commissioning. The Eastern Tertiary Alliance, which includes Melbourne Water, KBR, Black & Veatch, Baulderstone and UGL Infrastructure, will deliver this new facility at Melbourne Water's Eastern Treatment Plant, expected to be completed in 2012.

The project upgrades are designed to improve the quality of treated water discharged into Bass Strait, and to create high quality water that can be widely recycled for non-drinking purposes, such as residential and commercial reuse (dual pipe), irrigating vegetables and watering gardens and sports grounds.

Colin Elliott, president, KBR Infrastructure and Minerals, said: “We have a strong philosophy of designing for the future and we are proud to be involved in this project, which builds on more than 50 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. Our goal is to deliver this project safely and in a financially responsible manner, for the benefit of our customers and the community.”