Degremont leads group in €230 million renovation project

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The group led by Degremont includes VINCI Construction France and Razel, who will provide civil engineering services, the MERLIN and BERIM firms, Suez Environnement subsidiary, SAFEGE, and the architectural firm, Architectes Associes pour l’Environnement (AAE).

Degremont’s share of the project is €110 million. The project meets the specific challenges of the SIAAP by rebuilding the entire pre-treatment system. This includes screening units, sand and grease treatment and improving air quality, while guaranteeing continuity of service for the three and a half years of the project. The hydraulic study conducted by Degremont will ensure optimised hydraulic flow for incoming wastewater flows ranging from 5 m³/s to 70 m³/s. The design offers maximum reliability for the wastewater treatment process.

The renovation project aims to reduce the plants environmental footprint by recovering energy from the wastewater of the sanitation networks, reducing consumption of chemical reagents, and reusing rain water to produce industrial water. The site will be fully integrated into the environment and will preserve the natural landscape with the creation of an environmental green space, the compact unit will be covered with a green planted roof to limit and sound or odour nuisance and to blend with the natural environment.

The project will last five years, including studies, work, commissioning and an observation period.