Infilco Degremont to market Bluewater Bio wastewater technology in North America

The two companies are working towards the deployment of a full-scale HYBACS demonstration plant in the northeast region of the US.

Bluewater Bio has supplied one of its SMART Units, which drives the HYBACS process, and Infilco Degremont has supplied the plant, including aeration tanks and clarifiers, into which the SMART Unit is being installed. The plant as a whole has been designed by Infilco Degremont to be mobile, despite its large size, and the customized SMART Unit allows for the flexibility to operate on different flows and loads at other sites in the future. The demonstration plant is expected to be installed at site by the end of November 2011, and will be one of Infilco Degremont’s largest.

Tony Hargrave, CEO of Infilco Degremont, said: “IDI has been working very closely with Bluewater Bio for quite some time to bring this project to fruition as we now prepare to launch this technology in the US, as part of IDI’s portfolio of wastewater technologies. We see great potential and many opportunities for HYBACS in North America."