John Crane joins Hydrogen Europe

Seal manufacturer John Crane is now a member of Hydrogen Europe, the hydrogen industry association.

Image: nexusby/Adobe Stock.

John Crane says it has joined Hydrogen Europe to collaborate with like-minded companies on new demonstration projects, provide support in the development hydrogen technologies, standards and policies, and accelerate the development of the hydrogen ecosystem in Europe and around the world.

The company has more than 40 years of experience in hydrogen compression sealing technologies, including applications in refining, electrolysis, ammonia conversion, cryogenics, and hydrogen transport where its sealing and filtration hydrogen solutions are used extensively.

“Our vision is to be a key provider of technologies and solutions that enable the hydrogen economy,” said Frank Ma, John Crane vice president, Hydrogen, CCUS and Clean Energy.

John Crane is currently engaged in a number of hydrogen projects worldwide and has created a new organisation specifically focused on the energy transition. The company is also developing a range of new technologies, including zero-emission and ultra-low temperature sealing and high-speed gas seals for hydrogen compression, advanced hydrogen and CO2 filtration, as well as advanced materials.