John Crane invests in graduate career development program

Under Engineering U, recent university graduates will complete a structured curriculum, learning and working alongside tenured John Crane engineers, while gaining hands-on experience and post-program career placement in critical roles across the company.

The first 12-month US-based pilot program is already underway and recruitment for additional US programs is ongoing. The sealing specialist also intends to implement Engineering U at its global research and development centres in the UK and China.

John Crane president and CEO Duncan Gillis said: “Through this program, we aim to attract future engineering leaders. Energy services customers have extremely challenging problems that our engineers are tasked with solving through pioneering the latest technologies or inventing new technology. They play an important role in helping our customers safely and efficiently supply energy all over the world.”

The company is currently reviewing US student applicants who will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in spring 2015.

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