January’s most popular filtration news stories

The rise in toxic brine from desalination, our 10 most-read filtration business stories of 2018 and how Mann+Hummel and Microdyn-Nadir are fighting pollutants were the top stories on the Filtration+Separation website in January 2019.

1. Rise in toxic brine from desalination

A new study from the UN University Institute for Water, Environment and Health and published in the Elsevier journal Science of the Total Environment has reported that hypersaline concentrate (referred to as brine), a by-product of desalination technologies and associated with negative environmental impacts, has seen a 50% increase compared with previous estimates.

2. The 10 most-read filtration business stories of 2018

Air Filtration Holdings, Robovent, Atlas Copco, Walker Filtration, Mann+Hummel, Tri-Dem, John Crane, Seebach, Porvair, Keystone Filter, Filtration Group, Multisorb Technologies, Pentair, CustoMem and Microdyn-Nadir feature in the most popular business stories on the Filtration+Separation website during 2018.

3. Mann+Hummel and Microdyn-Nadir fight pollutants

Mann+Hummel and its subsidiary, Microdyn-Nadir are working on a pilot project to rid treated wastewater of microplastics, micropollutants and multi-resistant germs with a combination of activated carbon and immersed membranes filtration.