IW Tremont to market H&V's Trupor filter media

H&V Trupor.
H&V Trupor.

Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) has entered into an agreement with IW Tremont to use its H&V Trupor in IW Tremont’s LabExact products, and other analytical products, including high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) applications.

Trupor is a novel microporous filter media solution available in several industry standard polymer families. The agreement between Hollingsworth & Vose and IW Tremont covers PES-PBT composites.

“Microfiltration is critical across industries, making water cleaner, bioprocess products safer, semiconductor products cheaper and industrial processes run longer,” said Fred Lybrand H&V’s global marketing director for Process Liquids. “We are pleased to partner with IW Tremont to bring H&V Trupor to a broader audience.”

“Tremont will leverage our strong position in general laboratory consumables, life sciences and medical diagnostics to explore opportunities for the H&V Trupor media,” said Jim Averso, vice president of sales and marketing at IW Tremont. “We feel we will find significant application in our core markets.”

“H&V is in a great situation to have two long term customers focused on Trupor - with Superior Felt and Filtration focused on the Nylon grades of Trupor and IW Tremont’s use of the PES-PBT material in LabExact. We are excited about the future of this product,” said Lybrand. “It is a real compliment to the work by the technology and operations teams to support this product and this industry.”