Irish council approves biotech fat removal system

Environmental Biotechsystem is a manufacturer of grease eradication systems based in the UK. Its FOG system uses live vegetative bacteria to consume the fats, oils and grease in drain line and is now the only system of this type permitted for use in the 2,100 food service establishments licenced by Dublin City Council.

 “Our legislative requirement for all food outlets to be licenced allows us to monitor their standards of drain line discharge and maintenance. Having drawn up the test criteria only the Environmental Biotech live bacteria system achieved the results we were looking for,” said Michael O’Dwyer, a Dublin City Council executive engineer.  “Installing this system will enable commercial kitchens to minimise FOG waste getting into the city drain systems. Other cities should take this route and save the millions spent on FOG removal and blockage clean-ups.”

Many municipal drainage systems suffer from the high levels of FOG, the fat, oil and grease sluiced down the sink from commercial catering establishments such as restaurants, canteens, fast-food outlets, hotels, supermarkets and food processing facilities. The various elements of FOG combine to form solids that block pipe-work and clog up pumping stations. Environmental Biotech’s system introduces live bacteria into the drainage network that consume and digest the fat and are carried away as the water flows. Eventually the micro-organisms die and are dissolved, eliminating the fat from the system. Free flowing drains can protect health and avoid expensive clean-ups, following flooding.