Irema Ireland launches 100% biodegradable and renewable filter media

Irema Ireland has launched BioEir – a 100% sustainable and biodegradable filter material.

After several years of intensive development, Irema Ireland says this new material will be of huge benefit to organisations, HVAC and AHU manufacturers and facilities management companies looking to implement a filter solution that helps to meet sustainability goals as well as providing improvements in energy consumption and filter lifecycles.

Irema Ireland managing director Paul Hussey says: “The benefits of this groundbreaking product are immense. Not only does BioEir come from a fully renewable natural resource, it is also 100% biodegradable. This enables our customers to achieve their sustainability targets.

Hussey says BioEir also makes extraordinary economic sense. “BioEir delivers in excess of a 40% improvement in dust holding capacity coupled with a 20% reduction in initial pressure drop when compared to the equivalent synthetic product,” adds Hussey. “This means that quite apart from the clear sustainability benefits, it dramactically reduces the total cost of ownership for our customers.”

BioEir, which is pronounced bio air, comes from the word biodegradable and Eire (Ireland) where all Irema Ireland’s products are manufactured.

Limerick-based Irema Ireland manufactures filter material and finished filters.