Inlet filter reduces gas turbine degradation

GE adds that it is the only company that manufactures gas turbines and the inlet filtration systems that are key contributors to good gas turbine performance. With the release of ClearCurrent PRO, which contains PRO (Predictable, Reliable Output) technology, GE’s Air Filtration business says that it has shown that selecting the right filter and monitoring air quality is one of the most important aspects to delivering the turbine performance that operators require.The filtration portfolio expansion supports GE's growing focus on the use of natural gas for power generation. GE’s ClearCurrent PRO cartridge filters are compatible with GE’s FlexEfficiency portfolio.“The integration of GE’s air filtration and heavy duty gas turbine technologies has enabled an unprecedented level of performance over the life of the power plant,” said Keith White, general manager of GE’s Air Filtration business. “ClearCurrent PRO’s inlet filter offers enhanced output and lower fuel costs for turbine operators.”The Air Filtration team monitored the performance of ClearCurrent PRO for the last several years at a variety of worldwide installations, including both coastal and inland sites. The team found that inlet systems installed with ClearCurrent PRO offered improved output, lower heat rates and overall turbine efficiency compared with earlier technologies. Reduced degradation is vital to turbine operators that can potentially see savings on maintenance costs, or more revenue, due to increased power generation.“Degradation-based maintenance is very important to turbine operators,” said Paul Sennett, product line leader for gas turbine inlet systems at GE. “Our PRO technology can help reduce that degradation and make it so that the choice of inlet filters has a direct correlation to turbine performance.”