Filtration solutions to help us get greener

The increasing use of renewable energy sources is helping with the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions. Compared with traditional power sources, however, these green resources place challenges on power grids because of their intermittent nature.

To support their use, additional energy resource is needed to provide ‘grid firming’. This means when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow, power is maintained to the grid. This additional power is often supplied by aero-derivative gas turbines, which provide rapid start and high cycling capability to support the intermittent nature of renewable energy.

Like any other power generation gas turbine, mobile aero derivative gas turbines, need protection from environmental elements, such as dust, sand and salt, to maintain their performance and reliability. However, to support the nature of the applications where these vital machines are used, inlet filter house packages need to be cleverly designed to provide a small, transportable, mobile solution that can be quickly implemented on site.

Aero derivative gas turbine inlet filter houses not only need to be light weight and compact but also cleverly designed to optimize air inlet flow and aerodynamic performance of the turbines. To overcome the complex design needs of these smaller packages, Parker uses advanced CFD modelling and simulations and careful material selection to optimise size and weight and ensure all installation needs are met. Designs are further based on modular, pre-factory assembled components to reduce the time needed to get the system up and running and power flowing.

Using clearcurrent PRO filtration technology, Parker’s small filter house packages are designed to handle anything that is thrown at them. Whether high levels of dust, moisture from fog or high humidity areas, airborne salt particulates in a coastal region, or combination of all of these, the filter ensures the turbine is protected from degradation or damage from these contaminants. The filters ensure there are no sudden pressure spikes that cause costly unexpected shutdowns.

As we strive to meet decarbonisation targets, the need for compact, more mobile solutions has become an essential component in supporting reliable, stable power grids. Parker’s small filter house solutions provide the same performance as those supplied for modern, heavy duty gas turbine systems and are available with many options, including static and self-cleaning configurations and evaporative cooler technology for power augmentation. They help optimise gas turbine efficiency and output power, further reducing emissions, and have become the filtration solution of choice in many of these smaller power generation applications.