inge wins major ultrafiltration contract in India

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The inge modules will provide 450 000 cubic metres of pretreated water per day to one of India’s largest oil refineries.

The desalination plant is being built by IDE Technologies and will use inge UF to protect the sensitive reverse osmosis membranes and to minimize the energy footprint of the plant. After multiple sea water pretreatment steps, the desalination plant will deliver up to 170 000 cubic metres of process water per day.

“Onsite pilot testing confirmed that our T-Rack 3.0 ultrafiltration modules meet the very demanding performance requirements in terms of process stability, filtrate quality and yield, especially during the monsoon period,” explained inge CEO Bruno Steis. “Our unique technology delivers a continuous supply of pre-filtered water at a consistently high quality level independent of seasonal fluctuations with high turbidity, thereby helping to reduce the plant's energy and operating cost significantly.”

The German-made modules are due for delivery by the end of this year.

The desalination plant is scheduled for commissioning in 2015.