Indian scientist wins IDA award

At the Institute he has been involved in conducting reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membrane research and development with a focus to develop low energy intensive membrane processes. He has also been involved in developing the technology of making thin film composite membrane for RO and effluent management of the total process. He was instrumental in developing a process to increase TFC RO membrane permeability. He is a member of the Indian Desalination Association, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers and IDA.

“Mr. Raval’s experience and dedication to the desalination industry exemplify the high standard that the IDA fellowship programme represents,” said Khoo Teng Chye, first vice president of the IDA and chairman of its foundation committee.

In addition to a monetary award, the programme provides recipients with an opportunity to spend time with a host agency. Raval will undergo an attachment with the Bureau of Reclamation, a US government agency that focuses on water treatment. “We are confident that his attachment with the Bureau of Reclamation will result in outstanding opportunities to gain new insights and share information that will benefit the desalination industry globally,” added Teng Chye.

“Desalination is an area where significant research has been undertaken over the past decade, yet there is much promise for breakthroughs in less energy intensive process, high recovery process or desalination with recovery of salt and marine chemicals to add value,” said Raval.

The IDA Fellowship is designed to create opportunities to expand learning and collaboration and help grow the desalination and water reuse industry. It encourages research, communication, the dissemination of information, and education in the field of desalination and water sciences.