IFAT 2014 - Aquaconsult

Hall A3, stand 139.  The Aerostrip fine bubble diffusers are currently in use in more than 1.5 thousand wastewater treatment plants worldwide. They are characterised by maximal energy efficiency and above-average service life, which was scientifically proved in 2012 in a study from California. The oxygen usage is up to 60% at an oxygen yield of 3 to 6 kg O2/kWh.

The secret to success is in the polyurethane membrane and its perforations, because the finer the air bubbles from the diffuser, the more oxygen is transferred to the water. There are 25 employees active in the company base in Traiskirchen near Vienna. These diffuser specialists have established a research and development department next to the manufacturing facility, in order to continuously optimise the materials.

These research facilities include a large, 8 m deep test tank in which oxygen transfer rates of the diffusers are tested, new innovations are monitored during long-term experiments. In four more test tanks, the specialists research the influence of different wastewater components on pressure loss and bubble size. To examine the membrane, a tensile testing machine and an infrared spectrometer are available. These devices deliver valuable information about the long-term performance of the membranes.