Hydro International’s Up-Flo filter approved for use in New Jersey stormwater treatment projects

Following a series of rigorous tests by the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology, the Up-Flo filter’s performance capabilities have been verified. The Up-Flo filter will now be used on inflow drainage areas of up to 1.8 acres for a 6-module configuration in development and redevelopment construction projects in the State of New Jersey. This represents a maximum drainage area of 0.3 acres per filter module, with the 6-module configuration fitting into a standard four-foot concrete manhole. 

Larry Abatiell, national sales manager of Hydro International’s US Stormwater business said: “With today’s approval Hydro International and the Up-Flo Filter cross a major milestone. It is widely known that New Jersey’s testing procedures and approval processes for stormwater treatment devices are among the most stringent in the nation. We are looking forward to providing the state of New Jersey with high-quality treatment solutions that do the job at an affordable price. 

The Up-Flo Filter is a high-rate stormwater filtration technology that removes trash, sediments, nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. As the industry’s only fluidized bed upflow filtration technology, the Up-Flo Filter provides a higher level of treatment, a higher rate of filtration, longer life of filter media and a longer maintenance cycle than other filter systems.”