Hydro develops flow control for sewer systems

The Hydro-Brake Optimum, which was launched at IFAT, uses vortex-flow technology and has flexible unit sizing which can change according to the site priorities. For example, it may be important to maximise hydraulic performance or to choose a more compact design to account for site constraints such as pipe diameter or chamber retrofit.

The Hydro-Brake Optimum can balance flow rates and surface water storage requirements to the conditions of a development site. According to Hydro, any site using the flow control will now need up to 15% less storage than if an alternative vortex flow control were used. This could lead to savings in excavation costs and frees up more land.

New adjustable inlet plates are also available to provide up to 20% alteration in the forward flow rate and up to 20% larger clearances than other flow controls is possible. 

Hydro-Brake Optimum is made of high grade stainless steel. Installation options including, lugs, push-fit spigots, flat or curved mounting plates, penstock or slide mounts and removable units. The Hydro-Brake Optimum is also available pre-fitted to a purpose-built pre-cast reinforced concrete chamber.

Hydro says the flow control can help meet the requirements of the proposed new National SuDS Standards in England and Wales, as well as corresponding regulatory requirements in Scotland and Ireland.