Hydranautics supply reverse osmosis elements for Australia's Gibson Island Plant

The Gibson Island advanced water treatment plant is part of Australia's Western Corridor Recycled Water Project (WCRWP). This is an integrated effort consisting of 6 wastewater treatment plants, two power stations, numerous storage tanks, a dam, associated piping and three advanced water treatment plants, of which Gibson Island is the largest, with a production capacity of 100,000m3 and in operation since 2008. The OEM for this plant is GE Water and Process Technologies.

The advanced water treatment plant employs a three stage process: microfiltration, followed by reverse osmosis - where the Hydranautics RO membranes will be used - and then UV light treatment, in order to provide drinking water for the local region's residents. The WCRWP is a US$2 billion project instigated by the local water authority to deal with the severe drought conditions in Queensland, Australia.