River water desalination plant opens in Catalonia

The Catalonia area of Spain is a particualrly arid area and has a history of using desalination technology with its river water. The plant uses advanced electrodialysis reversal (EDR) technology from GE Water to clean the water from the nearly Llobregat river, ensuring clean water for Barcelona and the surrounding Catalonia region.

The EDR plant is operated by Aigues Ter-Llobregat and treats 220,000 m3/day of water. The EDR technology supplied by GE Water runs in conjunction with the existing water treatment plant and teh two sources of water are blended together to orduce water which is adequate for the region's needs and meets all water quality standards.

The EDR technology supplied by GE Water uses an electrochemical separation process to remove salts and organic matter found in the Llobregat river. The water recovery rate is around 90% and water quality is consistent despite variation in temperation and salinity.