GE to install mobile reverse osmosis system at power plant

The company will install the system at the Golden Valley Electric Association coal-fired plant in Healy, Alaska.

It will provide the plant with clean water during a planned outage to upgrade the water treatment system and environmental controls and facilitate the launch of Unit 2.

“Having access to clean water for our Healy plant is a crucial step in supporting our ongoing investment in upgrading our environmental controls and replacing older equipment to achieve a successful restart this coming summer,” said Lynn Thompson, vice president, power supply for GVEA.

The plant, 300 miles south of the Arctic Circle, will require GE’s mobile water filtration system for approximately 90 days while work is being completed.

“This project underscores GE’s capabilities to deliver emergency power and water solutions to even the most remote locations around the world,” said Yuvbir Singh, general manager, engineered systems—water and process technologies for GE Power & Water.

The system includes a trailer containing filter vessels and a 100 gallon-per-minute RO unit. The product water from the RO system will be further purified by ion-exchange tanks to attain the quality necessary for boiler feed water at the plant.