Hi-Line announces ConSEP condensate cleaners

Hi-Line Industries’ ConSEP product range.

The company says this is a new concept in the treatment of compressor condensate discharge. Its ConSEP products provide a 10% higher volumetric capacity than their previous Gen 2 range, enabling the utilisation of greater oleophilic as well as superior activated carbon filtration media. In addition, they are also fully compliant with the 1991 Water Resources Act and exceed current UK and European consent levels.

During the compression process, air is compressed to typically 7 bar, which provides an eight- fold greater water loading than conventional air at normal atmospheric pressures. This additional moisture is then also processed out to become condensate from the dryers and filters, but this condensate also contains droplets from the compressor oil, which together cause a toxic cocktail.

However, the Hi-Line ConSEP range treats the condensate with flocculants and activated carbon in an adsorption phase. This purifies the condensate, so providing a clean water solution which is clean enough to meet local water authority regulations which stipulate a contaminant content of less than 5mg/litre.  

Hi-Line Industries’ ConSEP product range

Hi-Line Industries’ ConSEP product range