Hengst to present cathode filters, ion exchangers and water separators at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells in Hannover

Wherever filtration is needed to keep things clean around the world, Hengst has a solution at the ready – also for fuel cell systems. At Hydrogen + Fuel Cells in Hannover (May 30 – June 2) the specialist for filtration and fluid management will present high-performance solutions for fuel cell systems. Visitors to the trade fair can learn how to make their systems safer and more efficient by using modular solutions or custom developments. 

While fuel cell systems are a key technology for sustainable energy production, they also involve a number of challenges. Filtration and proper fluid management are crucial for safe and optimally efficient operation of the system.

For example, the solubility of ionic components in the coolant circuit is problematic. Because this can cause conductivity to rise, resulting in electrical short circuit effects and power losses in the fuel cell. An ion exchanger remedies this problem and ensures safe operation with coolant that has only minimal electrical conductivity.

The use of a special cathode filter developed for fuel cell applications protects the central components of the fuel cell from gases and particles. Highly effective separation of sulfur gas and ammonia prevents damage to the catalytic converter and membranes in the fuel cell.

Proper water management is necessary to prevent the accumulation of liquid and to ensure that the fuel cell continues to operate effectively. The solution offered by Hengst is a new type of separator module for anode gas recirculation. The module combines the functions of water droplet separation and gas discharge with innovative valve technology.

“Our claim to excellence in filtration is based on more than 60 years of research and experience in this field. That is why it is only logical that we also develop top innovative solutions for energy production using hydrogen technology,” concludes product manager Mathias Diekjakobs. He will join other Hengst experts Hydrogen + Fuel Cells in Hannover to present modular solutions and options for developing custom systems.