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Hengst adds to fuel maintenance range

Hengst says that its latest development in the fuel filter kit for diesel fuels will be introduced in April 2013 and is designed to remove water and hold back fine particles.Modern engines use CommonRail injection systems to meet strict emission requirements and to reduce fuel consumption. These engines require high-quality fuel. Hengst adds that this requirement conflicts with the unfavorable operating conditions of off highway use. Since the engines are generally refueled on-site using canisters and mobile fueling stations, water and dust particles occasionally find their way into the injection systems of modern engines, which can quickly cause major damage.According to the company, in developing the Blue.maxx kit the focus was therefore placed on effective water removal in the pre-filter and a high degree of separation in the main filter. The user demands effective fuel cleaning even under adverse operating conditions, reliable protection against the finest of dust particles, and greater safety, longevity and reliability when running the engine. Hengst claims that Blue.maxx offers all of these advantages The system can be flexibly assembled from the kit and offers various connection options. Currently it is available for engine sizes starting at 300 L/h and 450 L/h. Higher volume flows can be achieved by connecting both units in parallel. The pre-filter provides pre-filtration and water removal, while the main filter provides deep filtration. The two filters can be freely combined based on the area of use. Various filter media can be used to meet various requirements for the degree of filtration and service life of the main filter. A two-layer medium with a cellulose base is standard for the main filter, which meets both current and future requirements for modern CommonRail systems.Hengst's ENERGETIC®-System has the filter insert clipped into the screw cap, which means that servicing is fast and simple, says the company. Using fully incinerable inserts also helps protect the environment. Active wrong installation protection for the filter inserts ensures that the engine cannot be operated without a filter or with the wrong filter.An optional hand pump, fuel heating and a water sensor for the pre-filter are also part of the kit. The reliable, tried and tested hand pump now also features new patented valve technology. It allows the user to deaerate the system more quickly and easily.Hengst adds that the fuel heating system features a large contact surface between the heating element and the fuel, which provides fast and efficient pre-heating. That means the engine will run reliably even at low temperatures. The water sensor allows the user to conveniently monitor the system from the operator's platform. These options allow the Blue.maxx fuel filter to be easily adapted to existing and new engine concepts. Engines that are already in use can also be retrofitted easily. The Blue.maxx system ensures engine performance – economically, longlasting, and with no breakdowns.