H2O Innovation wins water treatment contracts worth C$4.7mn

One of the contracts will involve H2O Innovation designing, assembling, delivering and commissioning a membrane filtration system, combining the use of ultrafiltration and ultraviolet, for a community in British Columbia. Once installed later this autumn, the system will produce 1.1 MGD (4200 m3/d) of drinking water from a surface water source.

An end-user in California has selected H2O Innovation for the design, fabrication, assembly and delivery of an integrated membrane filtration system combining UF and reverse osmosis (RO) units. The proposed system will consist of a 0.5 MGD (1900 m3/d) UF unit and a 0.7 MGD (2650 m3/d) RO unit, which will treat concentrate from an electrodialysis reversal (EDR) system to minimise waste volume for this zero-liquid-discharge (ZLD) facility.

A nanofiltration system will be delivered to Florida’s Everglades City to treat brackish water to produce 0.55 MGD (2080 m3/d) of drinking water.

H2O Innovation will also supply a 2-train RO system for an industrial water reclamation project in Iowa and a 2-train nanofiltration system for the production of drinking water in Québec.