H2O Innovation awarded water treatment contracts worth C$12mn

One of the new contracts is for the design, fabrication and commissioning of a complete water treatment plant at a mining site in British Columbia, Canada. The plant, which will treat mine tailings water, comprises ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) systems. As part of the UF pre-treatment system, H2O Innovation will supply its Fiberflex skid, which provides membrane interchangeability and accommodates several types of modules.

H2O Innovation will supply a containerised potable water treatment system for a workers camp at another mining project in Quebec province, Canada. This unit will produce 0.12 MGD (480 m3/day) of drinking water.

A third contract with a Vancouver-based mining company covers the design, fabrication and commissioning of a RO system to treat water from a tailings pond at a US mining site.

The Canadian company has also secured a number of contracts with US municipalities. These contracts include the design, fabrication and commissioning of a 12 MGD (45 425 m3/day) UF system, using the Fiberflex skid, to treat clarified raw water in Colorado. H2O Innovation will also design, manufacture and commission a 0.72 MGD (2725 m3/day) RO water treatment system to treat brackish water in Palm Coast, Florida, while a containerised advanced water treatment system will be supplied to a municipality in California and a 1.0 MGD (3785 m3/day) UF system will treat industrial and municipal effluent at San Francisco Airport’s Mel Leong tertiary treatment plant.