H2O Innovation awarded water treatment contracts worth C$2.8mn

Under the largest contract, H2O Innovation will design, fabricate, deliver and install a Bio-Brane membrane bio-reactor wastewater treatment and water reuse system to an industrial end-user active in the oil and gas sector in Northern Alberta. The aboveground steel package Bio-Brane system will be used to treat sanitary wastewater from the client’s work camp. H2O Innovation’s Bio-Brane technology is an IFAS MBR (integrated fixed-film activated sludge and membrane bioreactor) system used for municipal or industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse applications.

H2O Innovation will also manufacture a nanofiltration/reverse osmosis membrane softening water treatment system for the production of drinking water for the city of Hillsboro in North Dakota. Smaller reverse osmosis membrane water treatment systems will also be delivered to industrial and municipal end-users in the US and Canada.

To support growth in the mining and energy sectors, H2O Innovation is looking to add sales, engineering and project management resources to its Calgary office.