H2O Innovation to supply water systems for US and Canadian projects

An ultrafiltration (UF) system will be supplied to a power plant located in New Jersey to treat secondary effluent in order to produce 0.375 MGD (1420 m3/day) of process water to be used in cooling towers and boiler applications. The system will integrate FiberFlex technology developed by H2O Innovation, allowing membrane module interchangeability.

A second system will be provided to a refinery in New Mexico and will produce 500 gpm (1.9 m3/min) of process water. The reverse osmosis (RO) system supplied by H2O Innovation will be installed on the concentrate stream of a primary RO unit and will act as a brine concentrator to capture useable water from a waste stream.

H2O Innovation’s Bio-Brane technology will also be integrated into a wastewater treatment system for a municipality in Saskatchewan, Canada. A H2O Innovation team is currently working on the engineering and design phase of this project.

Meanwhile H2O Innovation will undertake a nanofiltration water treatment project for Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, in Quebec province, Canada. The H2O Innovation system will produce 1.64 MGD (6200 m3/day) of potable water from a surface water source. The manufacturing phase of this project will be preceded by a three-month validation piloting period.