H2O Innovation awarded 4 new projects worth C$4.0mn

H2O Innovation Inc has secured four new projects in Canada and the US – three municipal and one industrial – which together are worth C$4.0 million.

This brings the corporation’s project sales backlog to C$51.4 million and the consolidated sales backlog (including O&M contracts) to C$146.8 million.

Under the first contract, H2O Innovation has been awarded a municipal sewage treatment facility in Ontario using its flexMBR™ technology. From screening to dewatering, the system will treat an average day flow of 0.3 MGD (1000 m3/day) with peaks up to 1.3 MGD (5000 m3/day).

The second contract is for a water reuse system for a green building in Austin, Texas, USA. The process will employ membrane bioreactor technology (MBR) as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis (RO). H2O Innovation’s has been growing its presence in Texas since the acquisition of Hays South Utility Corporation last November. The H2O Innovation team will deliver a prefabricated treatment system including a building and process tank to simplify delivery and minimize on-site work. The effluent will primarily be used to provide the building with toilet flushing water at a design capacity of 5000 GPD (18.9 m3/day) of wastewater.

A technology company from the State of Indiana awarded H2O Innovation the third project to expand their treatment capacity. H2O Innovation will add two RO trains of 0.2 MGD (763 m3/day) each, to produce demineralized water from a brackish feed source. The corporation will also provide the clean-in-place skid, softeners and filters.

The fourth project will see H2O Innovation provide a 3-train demonstration system using ultrafiltration (UF) and RO technologies to treat water for indirect potable reuse for a municipality in California. The system will use FiberFlex™ technology with hollow fiber membranes and is expected to begin the commission phase within the next few months.