H2O Innovation awarded four industrial projects worth C$3.1mn

H2O Innovation Inc has secured four new industrial projects in North America worth C$3.1 million, bringing the Canadian company’s project sales backlog to C$55.1 million.

The first project, for an industrial wastewater treatment system combining membrane bioreactor (MBR) and reverse osmosis (RO) technologies, was awarded by a major manufacturer in North Carolina. The system will include two MBR trains that will treat 75 000 GPD (283.9 m3/day) of wastewater, followed by an RO system that will treat 50 000 GPD (189.3 m3/day) of the MBR effluent.

The second contract, for a production expansion of an RO system to 576 000 GPD (2180.4 m3/day), is with an industrial customer in the US Midwest who has worked with H2O Innovation in the past. The remaining two projects consist of systems using nanofiltration (NF) and RO technologies. One project will include two NF trains and will produce up to 194 400 GPD (735.9 m3/day) of drinking water for a resort located in Central Alaska. The other project will produce 7200 GPD (27.3 m3/day) of water used in the processing chain of a food company located in the province of Quebec. This is the 12th project that H2O Innovation has won in three years with this company.

“The industrial sector is filled with complex water and wastewater treatment problems. Rather than just supplying membrane process equipment, H2O Innovation becomes a partner, utilizing our industry experts to extensively analyze the problem and facilitate the best solutions, not only for today, but with future considerations as well,” said David Faber, vice president – Capital Project Sales of H2O Innovation.