Greentech introduces new higher efficiency air filters to improve indoor air quality, meet changing healthy-building standards

Greentech's MERV 13A filters redefine indoor air quality by seamlessly integrating advanced ultrafine filtration and odor elimination technologies.

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Ideal for healthcare, assisted living, education, and commercial facilities, these filters adhere to new guidelines for healthier indoor spaces.

Engineered in the US, Greentech Filters+ merge high-capacity nanofiber construction with ODOGard odour elimination, setting a new standard in air filtration. With a MERV 13A rating, these filters offer exceptional performance while maintaining a lower pressure drop. Their innovative design addresses the evolving demands of post-pandemic facilities.

In response to the pandemic, ASHRAE and the CDC recommend higher MERV-rated filters in commercial buildings. Greentech's solution aligns with these guidelines, especially crucial in states like California, where regulations mandate MERV 13 filters for government buildings, raising retrofitting concerns for older structures.

Robert Jauch, Greentech's VP of Research & Development, said, “As businesses work to increase their air exchanges to the CDC’s recommended five or more per hour, Greentech MERV 13A filters will work to catch up to 90% of airborne particles, like germs and VOCs, while eliminating odours, like those that come with wildfire smoke." The nanofiber construction provides increased surface area for capturing ultrafine particles, improving air flow and supporting HVAC efficiency. Unlike electrostatic filters, Greentech's mechanical filter maintains its MERV rating throughout its lifespan.

The nanofiber material reduces synthetic material usage by up to 50%, contributing to significant waste reduction compared to other MERV-rated filters. The second component, ODOGard, offers a non-toxic, biodegradable solution to destroy VOCs, gases, and odours, enhancing indoor air quality.

As businesses strive to increase air exchanges to meet CDC recommendations, Greentech's MERV 13A filters can catch up to 90% of airborne particles, including germs and VOCs, while eliminating odours, such as those from wildfire smoke. This two-in-one filter provides a cost-effective solution without capital expenditure, serving as the primary defense against airborne pollutants and a versatile replacement for various filters.