Greentech announces expanded partnership with Innovative Solutions

Greentech Environmental, an innovator in air filtration solutions, announces their expanded collaboration with San Diego-based Innovative Solutions, a provider in advanced air sanitisation products for the cannabis grower and cultivator.

This new agreement will provide ProGuard units with the added feature of odour elimination thanks to the ODOGard coated filters from Greentech Filters+.

ODOGard destroys odours, gases, and VOCs, changing their molecular structure to render them inert. ODOGard is 100% non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and has a proven, established use in various household products, including adult diapers and trash bags.

Innovative Solutions’ ProGuard effectively sanitises both air and surfaces in cultivation environments quickly and thoroughly. With Greentech’s ODOGard treated filters, ProGuard models will have the additional benefit of odour reduction, a known health and safety issue in cannabis cultivation.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Innovative Solutions and bringing ODOGard game-changing technology to cannabis growers,” said Greentech CEO Brandon Taylor. “For years, cultivators have relied on ProGuard to solve indoor air issues. The addition of Greentech Filters+ with ODOGard gives their products another advantage.”