Air For Life sets new industry standard with NASA-inspired air purification technology

Air For Life, the pioneering force in air purification, is on a mission to provide clean and healthy indoor air for all with its products that use cutting-edge technology to reduce health risks and improve lives.

Mini Sanifier II

Air For Life believes that UK businesses and industry should do more to ensure employee wellbeing, providing not only a suitable working environment to do their job efficiently but a space where employees are breathing clean air.  ‘Companies have invested in great catering, wellness rooms – but all too often neglect the key component for employee wellbeing, clean air.  As we learn to handle hybrid working, there’s an opportunity to not only ensure the buildings are equipped with clean air but taking it one step further and ensuring the home-working space is just as clean,’ says Jay Vitale, CEO of Air For Life.

Air For Life have three wellness products that suit all business situations:

For large scale operations

Air For Life Buildings Sanifier (pre order now for January 2024 delivery) – Priced at £2,799.99, the AFL Buildings Sanifier is the most powerful in their range.  Designed for large spaces including hospitality venues, large kitchen spaces, sports venues, restaurants, airports, hospitals, dentals, and educational environments, it destroys airborne impurities in large spaces of up to 3,000sq ft effectively up to 99.99% of 0.1 µm particles such as bacteria, viruses, PM 2.5, mould, pollen, odours, and allergy causing particles.

For SME offices and/or individual rooms

Air For Life’s Mini Sanifier II is the perfect partner for hotel room, spas, residential developments, nurseries and c-suite offices bringing the best in air purification. Designed to meet personal needs of hotel guests, private offices, children’s nurseries and many more, the Air For Life Mini II is a powerful filterless air purifier priced at £299.99. It eliminates bacteria, viruses including COVID-19, E-coli, Salmonella, airborne impurities, mould (sick building syndrome) and odours ensuring clean air and sanitised surfaces in rooms up to 330 square feet.

For fleet providers

AFL Car Sanifier® - Priced at £69.99 its filter-less technology and sleek design, the AFL Car Sanifier® is your trusted companion on commutes, long or short. It releases human-friendly negative ions that eliminate harmful impurities passing through your vehicle's ventilation system, guaranteeing you a safer and healthier journey.

Car sanifiers. -

Air For Life's two flagship technologies, AFLPCO® and AFL PLASMA®, are at the heart of the products. These advanced systems are meticulously engineered to provide exceptional indoor air quality.

  • The AFLPCO® technology ushers in a new era of filter-less air purification. As air is drawn into the unit, it encounters a UV lamp that systematically neutralizes contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Simultaneously, the UV light activates the exclusive nano metal AFLPCO® catalyst, sparking a reaction that releases human friendly negative ions—a process known as photocatalytic-oxidation. These ions operate with precision, targeting and disassembling harmful pollutants, converting them into harmless water molecules and carbon dioxide. The outcome is an atmosphere of Ozone free, pure, fresh air, elevating respiratory health and overall well-being for users and the environment.
  • Complementing this advanced purification is the AFL PLASMA® technology, which plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the surfaces you touch. Employing special carbon brush electrodes, it generates both negative and positive ions that effectively sanitise and eliminate bacteria or viruses, even those invisible to the naked eye, without the need for specialised microscopic equipment. By releasing negative ions, it neutralises allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and PM 2.5 particles that have settled on surfaces. This technology operates seamlessly in a sleek and filter-less design.