Goudsmit develops new series of separators

Goudsmit Magnetics’ latest magnetic drum separators are designed for the intake of foodstuffs and can remove ferrous particles and weakly magnetic particles as small as 0.03 mm from free-falling granular products.

The demands on magnetic force and material certifications have led to this modified design. The drum magnet, which is made entirely of stainless steel, has an EC1935/2004 certified seal and a magnetic force that varies optionally from 1,800 to 8,000 gauss. Magnetic drum separators are for product flows with high levels of magnetic contamination and prevent contamination of products and damage to mixing or grinding machines.

The magnetic drum separator allows metal separation to take place continuously and process large capacities. The product flow does not have to be stopped for cleaning and there are ample inspection options. The magnet makes direct contact with the product, attracts the magnetic particles and carries them to the bottom of the drum where the particles drop off and are taken away.