GEA launches space-saving algae processing separators

Algaeprime has a capacity range of between 100 and 23,000 l/h, while Algaepro can handle up to 80,000 l/h.

The Prime series is targeted at research and development as well as start-up companies, with GEA saying features include high capacities and separation efficiency along with maximum scale-up safety.

The Pro series is designed to operate on an industrial scale. It features a two in one ejection system for a fast and easy change of algae types as well as the integrated direct drive which GEA says boosts energy efficiency.

GEA adds that the system needs 30% less space and has a lower noise level and fewer parts than a flat belt drive.

Both lines come in food-grade design with stainless steel for all product-contacting parts and FDA approved gaskets.