GE technology helps Texas power plants reuse over 98% of wastewater

Using GE’s ZLD technology, the two power plants will be able to reduce incoming water needs by recycling and reusing more than 98% of its own cooling tower wastewater.

GE will provide a brine concentrator and crystallizer for the Sherman Power Plant and a brine concentrator for the Temple Power Plant.

The Temple Power Plant will use treated water from a nearby wastewater treatment plant, and the Sherman Power Plant will use Lake Texoma as its cooling water source. The GE ZLD systems will treat 450 gallons per minute of water for each power plant, more than 98% of which can then be reused in the process, reducing the amount of new water needed from the original sources.

The two power plants, which are owned by Panda Power Funds, should begin commercial operation by the end of 2014. Bechtel is the engineering, procurement and construction contractor.