GE - Offshore Technology Conference

New SWSR membrane for offshore oil production GE’s new seawater sulfate removal (SWSR) nanofiltration membrane claims to eliminates almost all sulfate from injection water in offshore oil production. It also has improved fouling resistance due to its three-layer membrane design and smooth surface.

The series is an advancement of GE's DK series nanofiltration membrane and provides a high transmission of sodium chloride into the permeate water to minimise operating pressures. It offers a physical barrier for any suspended particles including bacteria, pyrogens and colloids.

The new SWSR membrane also can be used in conjunction with GE’s existing reverse osmosis membranes in order to provide water for low salinity flooding, polymer flooding and other forms of enhanced oil recovery.

New GE corrosion inhibitor protects crude oil and gas pipelines GE introduced a new corrosion inhibitor to help protect crude oil and gas pipelines against the corrosive nature of acid gases at OTC 2015.

The ProSolv Corrosion Inhibitor chemistry was created to protect crude oil and gas pipeline assets, reduce operating costs, increase operating efficiency and provide safe and environmentally acceptable conditions.

New Wax Inhibitor for Uninterrupted Hydrocarbon Flow GE introduced a new range of wax inhibitors designed to help oil and gas producers ensure uninterrupted flow of crude oil.

The GE ProSolv* Wax Inhibitor provides a consistent flow of hydrocarbon streams from the reservoir to the point of sale.

The new chemistry for wax blockages is based on characterisation of the production fluids and environment and works in a variety of waxy crudes. It also significantly reduces the precipitation and deposition of wax at temperatures below the untreated wax appearance temperature.