Off-shore integrated service offering from GE

GE's integrated package pulls off-shore data OnBoard.
GE's integrated package pulls off-shore data OnBoard.

OnBoard incorporates digital technologies, remote monitoring and diagnostic software, membranes, chemicals, sulfate removal technology and offshore field and process expertise to help producers improve operations, performance and profitability at offshore water treatment facilities.

By choosing this service program parameters that match their needs, offshore oil and gas producers and operators can decrease clean-in-place (CIP) time, improve recovery rates and lower maintenance costs. Additional benefits include an increase in sulfate removal unit recovery by up to 5%, a significant decrease in CIP hours and same-day troubleshooting.

Standard feature

GE’s inSight APM system is a standard feature in all OnBoard service packages. It is a remote monitoring and diagnostic software that uses advanced data and analytics to help operators make better business decisions, eliminate unplanned downtime and lower costs. It enables the collection and processing of data to visualize current conditions and their trajectory as well as diagnose problems and identify opportunities for improvement.

Additional services include process experts to review and recommend areas of improvement for both chemical and membrane solutions, field service expertise for proper on-site maintenance needs, operator training, seawater sulfate reducing nanofiltration membranes, ZeeWeed700B  hollow-fiber membranes and a full range of production and cleaning chemicals.