Filtration unit suitable for bioburden testing

The system reportedly has increased reliability and streamlined workflows compared to previous examples. The unit conforms to international standards (USP/EP) and water testing regulations and  can be used for filtration of liquid samples including water, raw materials, in-process samples and final products.

The EZ-Fit has improved microbial recovery and more reliable results. The shape of the funnel and the plastic material can help minimise sample residue to ensure that the complete sample volume reaches the membrane surface. The design reduces the risk of leaks and prevents sample from by-passing the membrane to allow filtration of the entire volume. Following sample filtration, the membrane is perfectly flat but when transferred, the entire surface of the membrane is in contact with the culture media.

The unit is pre-sterilized and the lid remains in place during filtration to prevent contamination. 

They are available in 100 mL or 250 mL funnel sizes and are individually bagged or packaged in bulk.