Filtration Society marks its 50th anniversary

Speakers from Australia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Kuwait and the United Kingdom presented on a range of subjects including the latest developments in filtration research and technology. 

An exhibition was also held at the event in Chester, UK, in which companies presented their latest products and services in filter equipment, filter media and tools for the analysis and simulation of filtration processes.

The Society presented the Suttle award, named in honour of its first Chairman, Harold K Suttle, to the individual or group of authors under the age of 31.

 The 15th Suttle Award was given to Kuhan Chellappah for his paper Quantifying Changes in Filter Cake Structure During an Abrupt Change. 

The 22nd Gold Medal was awarded to Miko Huhtanen, Antti Häkkinen, Bjarne Ekberg and Juha Kallas for their paper Software for Statistical Design of Experiments and Empirical Modelling of Cake Filtration.

“After 50 years, the Society continues as a vibrant and important organisation in the vital field of filtration,” said former chairman Trevor Sparks.

“There exist countless opportunities for filtration processes to transform quality of life, product quality and reduce costs.”