Filter tube production solutions by PFAFF Industrial and KSL

PFAFF Industriesysteme und Maschinen GmbH, renowned for its PFAFF Industrial and KSL brands, has expanded its filtration portfolio in recent years, offering solutions for the automated production of filter tubes.

PFAFF Industrial and KSL

With a modular design tailored to customer requirements, these systems have high automation levels, ensuring maximum output with process reliability.

The KL 200, produced at the KSL site in Bensheim, stands out as a solution for fully automatic air and gas filter production. Equipped with a sewing or welding unit, depending on the filter material, it showcases versatility for needle felting, recommending a sewing unit and a hot air welding unit for thermoplastic materials.

The KL 200's reliable unwinding system, guided material control, and edge control system ensure precise, straight seams. A compensator facilitates continuous production, allowing material roll changes without interruptions, minimising waste, and enhancing output. The machine, featuring a length measuring system and a touch control panel for automated cutting, can handle filter tube diameters ranging from 90 mm to 350 mm. Options for customisation include an ink jet printer for personalised printing and a dot marking device for support ring positioning.

PFAFF Industrial in Kaiserslautern presents alternative solutions to the KL 200, including the PFAFF 4507, offering similar functionality at a more economical price point with fewer additional features. The PFAFF 4504 features an ultrasonic welding unit for longitudinal seam creation, while the PFAFF 4508 specialises in liquid filter production, incorporating a cutting and sealing process for bottom seams in V-shape or new curved formations.