Fibre Excellence selects Veolia evaporation technology

Veolia's processing plant for Fibre Excellence features HPD evaporation systems.
Veolia's processing plant for Fibre Excellence features HPD evaporation systems.

Veolia Water Technologies is to upgrade concentration and evaporation processes at Fibre Excellence’s Saint Gaudens mill in France.

Veolia Water Technologies will provide a turnkey processing plant featuring HPD® evaporation systems designed to optimize the production of wood-derived pulp employed in the making of high-quality paper from virgin fibers.

Fibre Excellence is installing a new turbine at the Saint-Gaudens site to generate green energy from biomass. To optimize the overall efficiency and justify the investment, the extra energy must be consumed at the site. Among a number of initiatives, Fibre Excellence plans to enhance pulp quality through improved washing operations. To remove the excess water created in the black liquor, Veolia is supplying HPD falling film, double-effect evaporators at the pre-evaporation phase. Additionally, in order to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency of the recovery boiler, the final solids concentration of the black liquor will be raised up to 75% through a HPD forced-circulation enhanced high-solids concentrator (EHSC). Both the pre-evaporation and forced circulation concentration phases are integrated into the mill operations using the excess energy generated through the installation of the new turbine.

Veolia provided the plant’s existing evaporation plant a few decades ago. The new package is integrated with a more efficient stripping column that removes up to 96% of methanol and helps to reduce volatile pollutants.