Expanded line of wind turbine filter elements

SwiftGreen™ filter elements from Swift Filters are specifically engineered for wind turbine gearbox lubrication lines. They feature a unique reusable machined aluminum bypass valve assembly which reduces expenses and cuts disposal volume. This bypass valve assembly can be used indefinitely. When it is time to replace a used element, the bypass is removed and inserted into a fresh SwiftGreen element.SwiftGreen elements can be used as direct replacements for most major OEM filter elements. All elements employ the latest generation of SwiftGlass ™ Bx(C) ≥ 1000 (per ISO 16889) microfibre glass filter media. This media provides high levels of fluid cleanliness while maintaining low pressure drop characteristics. SwiftGreen filter elements are used on the return side of hydraulic/lubrication circuits, including those found in wind turbine, power generation, machine tool and many industrial applications. They are interchangeable with filter elements from many original equipment manufacturers.