Evoqua’s IP-Pro CEDI water purification software goes online

The tool will assist system designers with module type and quantity selection, while estimating performance, power consumption, and associated parameters.

In switching IP-Pro to an online platform, Evoqua Water Technologies also took the opportunity to simplify the software design to offer improved user experience. The initial download and install procedure used by earlier, desktop-based versions is no longer needed and nor are periodic software update downloads.

Whether users are accessing via a PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone, or an Android mobile device, they have 24-hour, password-protected access to create, save, share and export their own design projects from Evoqua’s secure servers.

New program features include simple input of cations and anions, using a module feed water screen that can quickly and accurately switch between ionic parts per million (ppm) and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) ppm.  The software also has a new Power Calculator that now estimates start-up current and voltage in addition to CEDI power consumption.

The new tool is available by registering for an account at www.evoqua.com/ippro.