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Europlasma introduce range of nanocoatings

Europlasma, the supplier of low pressure plasma technology, has introduced a range of nanocoatings for the filtration industry under the Nanofics trade name.

At Filtration 2013 three 'innovative' nanocoating types have been engineered for use on both gas and liquid filtration media were launched.

Nanofics 120 coatings are highly water repellent (water contact angle of 120 degrees, per ASTM D5964) and highly oil repellent (oil repellence level 8 per ISO 14419) fluoropolymer-type of nanocoatings deposited by low pressure plasma technology.

Nanofics 110coatings are highly water repellent (water contact angle of 110 degrees per ASTM D5964) and highly oil repellent (oil repellence level 6 per ISO 14419) fluoropolymer type nanocoatings. The unique aspect of these coatings, claims Europlasma, is that they are free of perfluoeooctanic acid and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid.

Nanofics 10 coating differs from both Nanofics 110 and 120, with a very high affinity for water, resulting in water contact angles of lower than 10 degrees per ASTM D5964. The Nanofics 10 coating can transform any filtration material - even PTFE - into a material with a permanently hydrophilic surface.

Europlasma’s managing director Filip Legein said:  “Europlasma was the first company to bring nanocoating technology to the filtration market, in 1996. We have supplied low pressure plasma technology to more than 30 filtration companies worldwide, working with each filtration company individually to find the best solution for their material, or to build a unique product for their customers.”