Envirogen launches dual approach to emissions control

Envirogen Technologies adds that Biological and Enhanced Adsorption Treatment Technologies can deliver high removal rates, ‘green’ performance and low long-term operating costs.The Envirogen Sustainable Emissions Control offering features the use of both biological and enhanced adsorption treatment technologies to address a broad range of contaminants covered under the Clean Air Act and state air quality regulatory programs. Used alone or together, the two technology approach allows Envirogen to treat organic and inorganic, polar and non-polar emission constituents at varying concentrations and air flow rates. These emission control solutions can be an order of magnitude less expensive than those provided by traditional emissions control technologies, while at the same time reducing chemical and energy consumption, providing recycle/re-use options and lowering overall carbon footprint. The initial applications for Envirogen Sustainable Emissions Control will be in refinery and chemical manufacturing facilities, but the solutions are applicable in a broad range of manufacturing environments.