Emefcy and RWL Water partner to penetrate Chinese water treatment market

Emefcy will use RWL Water’s engineering expertise in designing and producing a range of packaged plant solutions for the Chinese market. The packaged plant solutions will feature Emefcy’s proprietary Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) wastewater treatment module.

RWL Water, which does not currently have a strong presence in China, will leverage Emefcy’s market knowledge and network of strategic distribution partners in order to promote its complementary range of water treatment products including its Nirobox containerized, scalable desalination product.

Under the agreement, Emefcy will pay RWL Water for engineering services in expediting the design of packaged plant solutions for China, as well as for engineering and production services to complement Emefcy’s MABR technology. Each company will also receive commissions on the sale of the other company’s products.

“Our two companies have had fruitful informal discussions for some time. This agreement formalizes these arrangements which will help each of us strengthen and accelerate our go-to-market strategy in China,” said Richard Irving, executive chairman of Emefcy. “The agreement will greatly simplify the deployment of Emefcy’s energy efficient, modular technology. With RWL Water’s assistance, we will be able to fast track the development of a complete, standardized, packaged treatment plant solution. By delivering a spectrum of packaged plant solutions, we can best meet the needs of our integrator partners and reduce the costs of installation.”

Henry Charrabé, president and CEO of RWL Water, said: “We are pleased to work with Emefcy and are excited at the prospect of introducing our products and solutions into new markets, including greatly strengthening our China strategy. Our desalination water treatment systems are complementary to Emefcy’s MABR product and can readily be deployed in rural settings to treat salty or brackish water. Furthermore, we can leverage the marketing arrangements, production facilities and other infrastructure already established by Emefcy in China."

“By leveraging the RWL Water brand, including our waste-to-energy solutions, and its global stature with Emefcy’s technical innovation and on-the-ground presence, we believe our shared prospects in China are outstanding. In fact, based on these compelling benefits, we see other significant and on-going opportunities for collaboration around the world,” added Charrabé.