Emefcy and RWL Water to deploy MABR wastewater treatment technology in China

Developed in partnership with one of Emefcy’s Chinese distributor Interflow Control Technologies, the project involves a multiphase agreement to utilize Emefcy’s MABR wastewater treatment technology at one of five treatment plants in Tianjin. The five plants are owned and operated by Tianjin Caring Co and have a total installed capacity of 1.5 million cubic metres per day.

The first phase of the project is based on a proprietary “packaged plant design solution” developed jointly by Emefcy and RWL Water, with an installed capacity of 20 000 litres per day and scheduled for installation in the third quarter of 2017.

This paid Phase I MABR “packaged plant” combines Emefcy’s proprietary technology and RWL Water’s engineering and packaging solutions.

The second phase will be to upgrade one of Tianjin’s existing Class 1B centralized wastewater aeration basins to the new standard of Class 1A, using Emefcy’s proprietary submerged MABR technology. This installation will be the first use of a submerged derivative of Emefcy’s MABR solution for a centralized wastewater aeration basin.

The Emefcy demonstration plant should be installed and begin operating in the third quarter of 2017, with final Tianjin municipal certification expected in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Tianjin Caring intends to upgrade all of its existing wastewater treatment plants from Class 1B to Class 1A within the next 3–4 years.

“We can now demonstrate that Emefcy’s MABR value proposition extends beyond rural distributed wastewater systems to large centralized wastewater treatment sites too. This is a potentially enormous market opportunity in China and beyond,” said Richard Irving, chairman of Emefcy. “Our alliance with RWL Water brings the ability to offer a unique solution that combines Emefcy’s differentiated technology with the proven engineered solution capabilities and the pedigree of the RWL Water team.”