Eimco Water Technologies launches SAF wastewater system in Australia

The standard Copa SAF, from Eimco Water Technologies, has been modified for Australian requirements. The SAF has a stainless steel tank with a polyurethane coating. The system’s media are structured plastic of 150 m2/m3 or 200 m2/m3. Fine- bubble membrane diffusers are used, on removable stainless steel pipework. Sludge is removed from below. SAF can achieve 15 mg/l BOD, 25 mg/l SS and 4 mg/l ammonia.

The above ground SAF enjoys the benefits of a gravity sludge return and being relocatable. The below ground SAF has the advantages of a low visual impact, no de-sludging needed and no inlet pumping required. The diffuser can be replaced without interrupting the flow.

Applications for the Copa SAF wastewater system include new SAF sewage treatment works with either septic tanks or primary tanks; replacing or assisting secondary treatment as an emergency installation; tertiary SAF unit for ammonia removal; and industrial effluent treatment.

John Koumoukelis, national sales msnager, Industrial/Municipal for Eimco Water Technologies, said: “Copa SAF can be quickly installed and is easily operated. Yet it also gives robust performance and can be expected to provide 20 years or more of service. For space-constrained users, Copa SAF has the advantage of a small footprint and can be installed either above or below ground.”