Eaton introduces new platform of HMI workstations

Eaton’s MTL7317 GECMA workstation.
Eaton’s MTL7317 GECMA workstation.

The company can now offer a complete range of workstations based on a common platform design. The TC and PC versions complement the existing MTL GECMA Remote Terminal (RT) which has an original modular design.

These next generation HMIs feature technology which offers high levels of safety, and are approved to global hazardous certification for Zone 1 environments. As a result they offer safe handling on site and guarantee high reliability in hazardous EX zone areas in chemical, pharmaceutical, refinery plus the oil and gas industries worldwide.

The TC version is designed for virtualisation applications, such as batch control. The workstation works with a client server in the safe room across a LAN. This saves space in the cabinet as users don’t need a dedicated PC and can control up to 255 HMIs from a single server.

The PC version is stand-alone working across the LAN. It has system hardware, which meets the needs of the most complex applications with high computing power demand, for example packing. The workstation has a ‘watch dog’ function automatically monitors the operating system and if there is no input from the system it automatically re-starts itself. This avoids hard re-starts, which saves time associated with turning the system on and off, and minimizes any stress on the system for increased reliability.